Somewhere around 7 p.m. yesterday, after four hours of steady rain, this storm began to turn me into a believer—right before the skies cleared. :)

Still, this was a nice punch of moisture, with (much?) more on the way. Mt. Baldy reports 12-14" of new snow, Mountain High 10-18", and Mammoth 5" new with a 15" storm total. Not too shabby for the SoCal resorts! Elsewhere, heavy rain caused the usual problems in the basin, Santa Barbara set a 24-hour rain record, and for motorists on I-5, the Grapevine became a snowy hell.

Thanks to very cool temps, backcountry lines could be skiable much lower than we've seen in the San Gabriels so far this year, but don't go racing out to try them. You could hit only the most conservative lines in the b.c. and watch every turn like a hawk, but why bother? Continued new snow and stormy weather should make in-bounds skiing your mode of choice through the weekend. Be patient—and safe!

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents