Storm Update: Add Another ‘Wow’

I figured the storms were about finished yesterday, with widely scattered showers here at home that seemed to be petering out as the day went by. Then last night I was awoken by the sound of heavy rain that didn't seem to quit untill morning.

In case you're wondering what happened in the local mountains, Mountain High reports 12-20" of snow overnight, and Mount Baldy reports 18" of new snow on top of yesterday's 6-12" wet dump. Again, lots of warnings about weather, road restrictions, lift delays, closures, etc. And please — stay out of the backcountry today!

But still...Wow.

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents

Scott Wilson January 28, 2008 at 12:29 pm

I was on it Thursday at Baldy and the trees in Herb's Hallow and Andy's were incredible, a little heavy in places, but pretty epic over all. We experienced a few small releases and were chased down by our sluff somewhere between Windslab and Nightmare around 2pm on Thursday.

I was denied access to Baldy on Saturday morning. Heart breaking because I'm sure it was great. Ended up at Snow Valley after a couple of traffic jams doing a lot of inbounds hiking while drooling at Slide Peak (still not open), and a lot of bush wackin' searching for the good stuff.

Went back to Baldy yesterday afternoon for a half day and it looked like hammered dog s#*t! Didn't even need chains or 4x4 to reach the lot. The creek was flowing under chair one again... Really depressing seeing how perfect it was shaping up. Thunder Mountain was boiler plate at 12pm! Looked amazing from the chair, but was anything but. Completely bulletproof on the way down. Nothing would give, and the wind was blowing most of the new stuff up and over. All the runs below chair one were closed.
I'm so glad to hear that things have rapidly improved over night! Maybe I'll catch you up there this week?
Praying for more.