March 18, 2009 Avalanche Rescue Course - Overview News

Avalanche Rescue Course – Overview

Last Sunday I participated in a one-day avalanche rescue course offered by the Southern California National Ski Patrol. This course was specifically intended for rescue personnel who might be called upon to participate in an actual avalanche incident. Over a hundred people attended, including members of regional agencies like police and fire, and also numerous (more...)...

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March 14, 2009 Skiing

Mount Baldy – North Face & Dare Chute

Heating Up Dare; Hourglass; Girly Man Summit, looking Northwest A Quick NF Snowpit A Long Way Down Back Atop the Summit Dostie’s Dare—Entrance Skiing the Dare Chute Well this was a fun day! For today’s ski agenda, I thought I’d climb up Mount Baldy, give the north face a look-see, ski a piece of it (more...)...

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March 2, 2009 Memory Lane: Arizona Snow Bowl Skiing

Memory Lane: Arizona Snow Bowl

Well we’re working our way back home now, with a stopoff in Flagstaff for a few days. I’d kind of hoped to do some sort of backcountry tour out here, but a week of record temps has just nuked the snowpack. Plus the forest service has all the key access roads closed, and I’m thinking, (more...)...

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