Shane McConkey Dies in BASE jumping Accident

Various net sources are reporting that Shane McConkey has died in Italy in a basejumping accident. The Tahoe Daily Tribune has one of the more detailed reports available at present. McConkey was nothing less than an artist when it came to skiing and big air. He was a pioneer in the high-stakes game of combining skiing and parachuting, and has been featured in numerous ski films, including Steep. There is no question the man pushed the envelope of risk, but his skiing was inspirational, representing a huge evolution of the sport of extreme skiing.

Statistically, McConkey's death was probably inevitable. Then again, all of our deaths are inevitable, statically or not. McConkey got to experience things most of us only dream about. While the rest of us were bound always by the laws of gravity, McConkey over his remarkable career seemed almost to have been granted some sort of magical exemption. Almost.

McConkey was 38. He leaves behind a wife, Sherry, and a daughter, Ayla. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Shane's family, and the many friends he leaves behind.

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Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents