Back to Normal — Sort Of

Well, I've reskinned most of the interior pages of sierradescents back to the good old boring gray. I imagine the pink look raised some eyebrows for first-time visitors who were just looking for a gear review or two, but the occasion seemed to call for more than just business as usual.

I think I'll leave the pink pages up here on the home page for a while longer. Last night was our daughter's first night home. She would cry and I did my best to get her back to sleep. Then our son would start crying in his room, so I'd go there and calm him down. Then I'd get back in bed and our daughter would cry again. And back and forth. Maybe I should rekindle my old "this is good training for Williamson" mantra. :)

Speaking of Williamson, since I'm going to be on climbing hiatus for July (most likely), I'm thinking of trying to do a write up a trip I did two years ago up the West Face in June. I got a lot of good photos from that, but never got around to writing about the hike. Doing Williamson via Shepherd Pass and the West Face is a great step up from Whitney's Mountaineer's Route, if you're looking for a next-big-trip kind of progression.

For now, there will be a lot more diapers than dihedrals in my immediate future, so please forgive me if updates are a little sparse. I am tossing in some new gear reviews here and there, but if you're like me, you'll want a little more meat with your content. Happy 4th of July everyone!

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents