$99 Baldy Passes Return

In the unlikely event that Mt Baldy Ski Area hasn't already flooded your inbox with announcements, I feel obligated to post notice that the Chamber of Commerce "Virtual Passes" are on sale again for the upcoming 2010-2011 ski season, now priced at $99. These work just like a regular season pass, except they're subject to a daily quota of between 500-1000 passes. You must make a reservation by midnight prior to the day you want to ski. If a quota slot is available, you're good to go. If not, show up anyway and get 50% off the price of a full adult ticket.

To me the worst part of this deal is that you have to wait in line at the ticket hut to pick up a ticket each time you use your pass. On those busy powder and weekend mornings, that wait can easily push past 1/2 hour. Then again, you are getting a pass for a hundred bucks. I'll continued to grumble about this for a while, but I expect I'll be buying one soon.

— August 19, 2010

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents

ScottP August 23, 2010 at 2:08 pm

If you have the option of going on weekdays, you can get the $80 pass. It's way better on weekdays anyway, negligible lines and traffic. Of course, that depends on your job giving you very, very flexible hours.