January 5, 2012



Somewhere in my twenties I realized I would never be able to repay all that my dad had given me. I don’t just mean money; I mean all the ways he was there for my brother and me. I talked about that with my dad one day, and he told me his philosophy on the matter: he expected me to repay him by giving no less than the same effort to my own (future) children (more…)

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January 2, 2012

Black Diamond Warrant

Black Diamond Warrant

I’m going to coin a new term to try to capture the essence of Black Diamond’s Warrant, part of the revamped 2012 Black Diamond ski lineup: let’s call it ‘de-specialized’. The Warrant replaces the highly-regarded but aging Kilowatt, a ski known for its versatility. Like the Kilowatt, the new Warrant is also a generalist, but it adds a surprising degree of hard-snow capability (more…)

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January 1, 2012

A Bony New Year

Well, the good news is I’ve found a place where heavy snow is falling, but the bad news is that it’s Hillroth Mountain in Skyrim. Here in Flagstaff I suppose we should be happy that the Arizona Snowbowl is at least open, but paying full price for a ticket to wreck your skis does make me a bit grinchy (memo to resort: drop the price or offer a voucher or something). I’ve been riding my ancient Atomic R11’s, which I swore I’d never ski again, and honestly things are so bare (more…)

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