Proposition 8: NO

For the past few days I've debating whether or not to make any personal endorsements for the upcoming election. This is, after all, a mountaineering website, and with all the competing campaign messages bombarding us, it's been nice to keep SierraDescents as a sort of non-political safe haven (illusory or not).

That is, until I happened to browse my site today and found political ads running all across it, including a particularly contemptible ad run by the Prop 8 proponents, courtesy of Google.

I've pulled all Google advertising from my site, and will keep it pulled through tomorrow.

Let me also state my strong opposition to Proposition 8, which would amend California's state constitution to deny same-sex couples the right to marry.

Since California's constitution guarantees people equal treatment under the law, the only way to deny same-sex couples the legal right to marry in our state is to specifically single them out in our constitution and exclude them from equal protection.

That's called discrimination.

Normally, we write laws—and especially Constitutions—to prevent discrimination; not codify it.

Same-sex couples already have the right to marry in California. Since they've been doing so, it doesn't seem to have undermined my marriage. It doesn't seem to have undermined anything, in fact.

The fabric of our society has not unraveled.

As the Los Angeles Times writes:

Look at what Proposition 8 is actually about: a group of people who are trying to impose on the state their belief that homosexuality is immoral and that gays and lesbians are not entitled to be treated equally under the law.

This is not who we are. Vote NO on Proposition 8.

UPDATE: I should clarify that Google the company is not paying for these ads; Google is simply running these ads on its ad network. There was apparently a spirited internal discussion at Google as to whether or not to carry pro-Prop 8 ads on its networks (Google itself has a strong anti-discrimination policy). Google did not, however, offer its publishers (like me) any warning that these ads would be coming, nor any easy way to quickly opt out of running them—except pulling all Google advertising, which I have done.

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents