February 9, 2007 Health

Backcountry Skiing & Risk

After a long road trip to the San Juans, we’re back in dry SoCal, looking at bare mountains and searching the web for diversions. There’s an interesting American Alpine Club Article on Risk in which the author argues that climbing and mountaineering accidents have dropped dramatically despite a huge increase in participants. Mountaineering, of course, (more...)...

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March 22, 2006 Health

National Geographic Returns to Chernobyl

We’ll stay a little off topic for the day, I guess. If you’ve found the Ghost Town/Kid of Speed entry on my links page, you may have guessed I’m fascinated with Chernobyl, site of the world’s worst nuclear accident. In the April issue, National Geographic Magazine returns to the site of the disaster 20 years (more...)...

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