October 14, 2011 Musings

The Tyranny of the List

I have a lot of lists. When I realize there’s something I need to do, I write it down so I won’t forget. My list making exploded soon after I became a father, because the added complexity of tracking one (and now two) extremely fast and mobile and clever little persons 24-7 so taxes my (more...)...

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October 6, 2011 Musings

Question of the Day…

“Are Space Monsters imaginary creatures?” my son asks this morning, waking me at the usual 6a.m. Hmm… That’s kind of an interesting one. You see, if you believe that a Universe as big as ours has probably spawned life on planets other than just Earth, then there are Space Creatures out there, somewhere, and no (more...)...

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September 27, 2011 Musings

Happy Not-113 Day!

A quick check of my occasionally-reliable records indicates that on this day, September 26, one year ago, the high temperature recorded in downtown Los Angeles was 113°F. Yikes! I remember roasting in my apartment praying for the heat wave to snap. It was just absolutely miserable. No such worries today. It’s been a cold Summer (more...)...

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April 15, 2011 Musings

My Sanity: Yours for $1.50

Here’s how it went down: my wife had my wallet. I needed lunch, so I broke into my emergency stash of credit cards, the ones I never use, activated one, and bought myself a hot dog. Then I waited for a billing statement that never came. Eventually, I remembered using the card, and checked in (more...)...

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February 9, 2011 Musings

The Heater is Gray

Over Christmas I bought a space heater for my room at my parents’ house in Flagstaff, which tends to be cold. I liked the heater so much I decided to get another one when I got back to my L.A. apartment, which also tends to be cold. Problem was, the one I got in Flagstaff (more...)...

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November 21, 2010 The Eagle (and the UFC) Have Landed Musings

The Eagle (and the UFC) Have Landed

There are a number of conversations I’m dreading having with my son. One of them is in the process of just beginning, courtesy of the UFC commercials which inconveniently appear on television during some of the shows my son watches. In my son’s conception of the world, you see, grown men don’t hit each other (more...)...

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October 21, 2010 Musings


Some time ago, my mom began what is now an annual tradition: the prediction, every Fall, that the upcoming winter is going to be “The Big One.” One would assume this strategy would guarantee that when The Big One finally did arrive, my mom would have successfully predicted it, but unfortunately she had the bad (more...)...

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October 8, 2010 Musings

Sierra Sightlines

An interesting question popped into my in-box yesterday: is it possible to see the Grand Canyon from the top of Mount Whitney? In fact I ask myself questions like this all the time, especially when I’m looking at shots of the interior Sierra and trying to identify distant peaks or other features on the horizon. (more...)...

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October 2, 2010 Musings

A Trip to the Gym

It’s official: after more than a year’s hiatus from working out, I went back to the gym today to try to get myself in shape for the upcoming ski season. I must say I approached this venture with no small degree of anxiety. After such a long break from exercise, starting with my back injury (more...)...

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August 1, 2010 Skiing Meteor Crater? Musings

Skiing Meteor Crater?

You have to feel like you’re on the right track as a parent when you visit Arizona’s Meteor Crater, and your three-year-old boy takes one look and asks if he can ski it. The answer to that question is a big, “Weather Permitting.” With the Crater’s rim around 5600′, it would definitely take an unusual (more...)...

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