October 29, 2012

Shifting Baselines

Shifting Baselines

I’ve been scanning some of my dad’s old Kodachrome slides of the Grand Canyon, and this shot in particular caught my eye. Here we see the south rim, as seen from Bright Angel Point on the north rim, taken in September 1978. Easily visible are the San Francisco Peaks, Arizona’s highest point, and Kendrik Peak, both near Flagstaff Arizona. In a straight line, Google Earth measures this distance as 64 miles (more…)

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March 13, 2011

Images from Japan

“In this vast and uncaring darkness, I am but a tiny, fragile spark of life, clinging to an illusion of safety that never was and never will be real…”

(Earthquake aftermath images at the Atlantic)

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January 15, 2008

NYT: Owens River Returns

‘What Los Angeles took a century ago — a 62-mile stretch of river here in the parched Owens Valley — it is now giving back.’

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July 9, 2007

An Owens River Resurection?

The Los Angeles Times ran a story on the restoration of the Owens River this past weekend. Via the Department of Water of Power (DWP), Los Angeles began buying much of the farmland in Owens Valley in the early Twentieth Century. Then, in 1913, the DWP abruptly diverted the Lower Owens River into the Los Angeles Aqueduct, turning the fertile Owens Valley farmland into the dust bowl-desert it is today—and utterly destroying Owens Lake (more…)

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