January 11, 2008

BioShock Review: No Segue Possible

What do backcountry skiing and pc games have in common?

We’re still working on that, though it seems fair to assume a great deal of crossover when it comes to the participants. In any case, I enjoy browsing the titles at the local BestBuy now and then, though as a rule I try desperately to avoid buying anything, as I rarely have a free month or two or three to spare.

Still, every now and then something irresistible comes along. And there’s always the off season, or an injury break, or playing through the night ’till your brain turns to pudding. So into my Christmas stocking last December came BioShock, a handsome new shooter that’s been earning rave reviews from the critics.

My own impressions of the game are certainly more mixed (high marks: the artwork and Ayn Rand references). Rather than bore you with my own way-off-topic review, I’ve got to link to writer Yahtzee Croshaw’s clever video review, which is funny enough to send you into fits of laughter whether or not you have any interest in playing the game. To top it off, I agree with his take. Is BioShock one of the Best Games of the Year? Sure. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also love to hate it.

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