July 21, 2011

Half Dome w/Daughter

No, they didn't go up the cables, they went up the Regular Northwest Face. First thought: this can't possibly be real. Second thought: hey, if she can do that, maybe I can too. Third thought (after reading full trip): uh, no, I can't do that. Final thought: can we all get together and agree to not let our 12-year-old daughters do things that completely undermine my ability to think of myself as 'rad' ?? Just saying...

via SuperTopo

Andy Lewicky

ANDY LEWICKY is a Los Angeles-based writer and photographer who enjoys good books, jasmine tea, long walks in the rain, and climbing and skiing the big peaks of the California Sierra. email | follow

  1. tim says:

    This guy is the baddest dad evar. Great catch!

    I only just took my 3 year old daughter on her first outdoor climbing trip (to Pt. Dume) and already I’m in danger of her burning me off. I can totally see how things like this happen (overnight success that only takes a decade)…

  2. Michael says:

    Thats great. Think of the bond they are forming – and have you ever seen a happier looking kid?

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