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December 24, 2008

A Christmas Storm

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you! Looks like we'll be enjoying a white Christmas in the mountains this year. Heavy snows (18-36") are forecast in the High Sierra, plus a very nice 2-3' on the way in the San Gabriels. That's going to be more than enough snow to open up most of our favorite terrain from North to South.

Please remember that in addition to getting gifts, we also get avalanches this time of year.

Expect a very tricky snowpack in all backcountry locations over the next few days. I think that makes this an excellent time to use your off days to ski in-bounds. Sierra backcountry skiers should pay close attention to the ESAC updates this week. Southland skiers have no such resource, but we can *usually* count on things beginning to stabilize 48-72hrs after the last of the snow and wind has subsided (provided temps & humidity return to normal). Stay safe!

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When there is snow, SierraDescents is Andy Lewicky's California backcountry skiing and mountaineering website. Without snow, sierradescents becomes an ill-tempered hiking and climbing blog.

Pray for snow.