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February 2, 2009

Snow, Part II: Jepson Peak

Snow, Part II: Jepson Peak

Well, while I've been wallowing in despair over the lack of snow in the local mountains, some of you have apparently been going out and skiing, which is admittedly overall a better way to spend your time. SoCal skier Brad H. was kind enough to send in a photo of Jepson Peak, in the San Bernardino Mountains, from this past weekend. Where did all that snow come from?

Last I heard, Jepson was just a big ice playground. According to Brad things became bulletproof in the couloir as soon as the sun went behind the ridge, but the coverage was good, and the snow softened nicely in the flats. Most importantly: it's snow! I sometimes forget that there's another range past the San Gabriels. And the San Bernardino Mountains are about 1500' higher as well, which means a rain event in the Gabriels can easily produce snow above 10,000' in the San Bernardinos. So, it's out there, if you know where to find it...but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for more storms.

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Pray for snow.