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January 14, 2012

TPR Open?

Is Tioga Pass Road really open? Really? I can't believe it. I can not believe it. January 14, 2012, and SR 120 is showing "NO RESTRICTIONS" through the heart of the central Sierra? As a likely event this is probably right up there with me posting photos of myself skiing down the hill on Federal Avenue alongside my West LA apartment building (as in, Hell freezing over :)).

It's all very weird. Just got back to SoCal from Flagstaff yesterday. Normally it's a pleasure to breath that fat humid sea level air after shriveling up in Flagstaff's very low humidity, but I think it's actually drier here right now: the radio said humidity levels in the single digits in the passes, whereas the relative humidity in parents' house was right around 35 (they claim they've installed a humidifier in the central air). So: my skin feels drier here at home, and my daughter's hair is going crazy with static.

I guess I should be feeling more apocalyptic about all this, but the truth is last year was an amazing year, and fond memories from then are still keeping me smiling. Plus, the SoCal resorts are making snow, which means I'll be skiing plenty of days with my five-year-old, which is turning out to be a heck of a lot of fun. On top of that, I'm getting a little extra time to catch up on old backlogged work, which is nice, and when that gets old, there's always power-leveling the smithing, enchanting, and alchemy skills of my female melee character in Skyrim so I can build god-like weapons and armor.

So, we'll get by, I think, even if winter continues to remain AWOL. What are you up to?

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