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March 15, 2012

I Threw Out My Baldy Passes

I Threw Out My Baldy Passes

Yes, I did it. Over here at SierraDescents, I realize it's not just my job to amuse or entertain you. No, when things get grim, and Mother Nature won't keep up her end of the bargain, I know it's my responsibility to see to it that she pays up. And so, I threw all of my Mt. Baldy ski passes in the trash. I considered just putting them deep into a drawer, out of sight, but I realized that might not be good enough.

Given how intransigent the weather has been this year, I knew it was going to take a more formidable effort to get things straightened out. Trashing all my Baldy lift tickets seemed like the best option, so on Monday I threw them out. All of them. So when you're skiing Thunder Peak next week, or even Baldy Bowl, enjoying outrageously good and unlikely coverage, I want you to know, you don't even have to thank me. It was my pleasure. Really, I'm just glad I was able to help. :)

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