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October 11, 2013

SoCal Rains; Mountain Snows

SoCal Rains; Mountain Snows

Well that was an unexpectedly potent mid-October surprise—a bonafide winter storm. Rain and cold temperatures punched into the Southland like a frozen fist, sending temperatures plunging some 15 degrees below normal. When it's cold and rainy in the basin, you can expect snow in the mountains, and that's exactly what we got: a healthy few inches accumulated in the San Jacintos, from the look of the Long Vally Cam.

Father north, Mammoth reports a whopping 96" of new snow and all lifts open. Okay, I made that part up, but you can feel it coming, now, can't you? Mammoth has posted a November 7 opening date on their website, and my skis, which have been whispering to me all summer long, are now loudly demanding I carry them up to the Palisades glacier, which no doubt was nicely freshened up yesterday...

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Pray for snow.