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February 25, 2014

Significant Rain/Snow?

A Big Storm May or May Not Be Coming

Significant Rain/Snow?

Weather may be typical SoCal mundane right now, but the Los Angeles Times reports what could be the wettest storm in years is en route for later this week: forecasts call for as much as one to two inches of rain in the basin, which in a normal SoCal winter would qualify as...a normal SoCal winter storm.

According to the article, we saw our last real storm on March 25, 2012, when a reasonable but certainly not extraordinary .95 inches of rain fell downtown. I realized today the mere possibility of a major storm was enough to make me suddenly, inexplicably giddy. It doesn't even matter if it comes or not; the forecast has been dry for so long now, just the thought of a real storm was enough to spark some hope in my otherwise drought-crushed soul.

That said, I'm hoping Ma Nature goes batshit-crazy on us come Thursday...

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Pray for snow.