Hangman’s June 2011

Hangman’s June 2011

Going through old photos here, and this shot of Hangman's Hollow at Mammoth Mountain just floors me. This was taken mid June 2011, and that entire cliff band along the crater rim is basically unrecognizable compared to this year. You'd think, looking at Hangman's at any time this season, you were at a completely different mountain.

What I'm not doing on this Easter Sunday is skiing locally with my kids, which had become a new tradition for us, sadly halted this year by the fact that every SoCal ski resort is closed for the season. Not one of them managed to crack April this year. So, why not look at some old photos of a happy winter past?

If you missed it, do check out Howie Schwartz's sublimation, an online version of his slide presentation on skiing the Sierra's Black Divide over Easter 2011 with Glen Plake. Howie and Plake were only a few miles and a few hours away from Split Mountain when Kip Garre and Alison Kreutzen were killed by an Avalanche in the central couloir.

"Sublimation", which includes extensive reflections on heuristics, is dedicated in their memory.

As for the present, Mammoth may not look like this photo any more, but conditions are still ripe for spring skiing, both inbounds and out. That old troublemaker Howard Sheckter says two feet of snow may be on the way for Mammoth Lakes at April's end, and this year especially, every little bit counts—so keep your fingers crossed. Happy Easter!

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents