Don’t Take Mom to Surefoot

Time to update my post about taking my Mom to Surefoot. As you may recall, My mom has severe foot issues which have led her to almost completely give up skiing. Last year I think she may have skied two days the entire season. Or maybe she just stayed in the lodge and had hot chocolate—I can't recall.

While she was visiting me here in LA, she asked if I knew of anyone who made custom ski boots. And so she ending up getting a set of custom liners and customized boots from Kevin Linehan, store manager of Surefoot Santa Monica. The result, I'm sorry to say, has been a complete disaster. Don't get me wrong, the boots are great. In fact, they're fantastic. My mom says they're the most comfortable boots she's had in over 40 years, going back to her black leather Langes—and that's the problem. Now my mom wants to ski. All the time.

Here's how I got my first glimpse of the problem: I was going to go visit my Mom in Flagstaff with the kids—ie, her grandkids. My mom called me the day before I was supposed to leave and asked me to come a day she could ski.

Okay, I thought, strange aberation. It'll never happen again. Then, when I get to Flagstaff, instead of staying home and watching I mean playing with my kids—her grandkids—my Mom said she wanted to go ski. She wanted to go ski every single day. How, I ask you, was I supposed to go skiing if she was going to be running off to the mountain every free moment? Next she tells me I'll need to find a babysitter for our upcoming family trip to Telluride. She plans to ski, she said.

Have I mentioned that my kids are unusually cute and intelligent? Any sane non-skiing obsessed Grandmother would fight for the chance to spend time with them. My kids are also unusually well behaved. You could probably watch the two of them yourself, no problem, even if you have very little babysitting experience. By the way, do you have any babysitting experience? References? Email me.

Anyhow, that week I was in Flagstaff, I noticed a storm coming in, and so began the following conversation:

ANDY: Hey, Mom, looks like it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Maybe you could stay home and watch the kids so I could go skiing?

MOM: I can ski in a cloud.

Like I said, a total, utter, disaster. Consider yourself warned.

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents

Robert K January 17, 2011 at 8:03 pm

ROFL! Serves you right. I'm not sure what for, but you and I both know you deserve this.

Bill Adams January 18, 2011 at 10:41 am

Wow, if you get references, let me know. I thought we were the only family with a ski-crazed non-babysitting mother. My mother is 78, lives in Park City UT, skies upwards of 50 days a year, and has no time to baby sit our adorable 2 & 5 year old boys, one of whom is named after her. The up shot of this is we do our skiing locally - drop the kids off at their other GPs in Long Beach and Ski Baldy. In Park City this year during crazy champagne powder, we shopped the outlet mall. So I feel your pain.