Hey…What’s Going on, Here?

Yes, the winds of change are blowing. SierraDescents.com has moved its blog to a brand new folder, managed by the ubiquitous content management software solution, WordPress.

I've been mulling this over for a while, now. It's been a long time coming. Trying to manage a blog by hand (as I had been doing it) was an ever-growing exercise in futility. With WP doing most of the work, I'll be free to post as I please, which is sure to guarantee a prodigious rise in both my output and inanity.

Also of note, with a dedicated blog section, I think I'll relax my normally-merciless standards of professionalism, making the blog a more casual endeavor filled with all those off-the-cuff posts I thought about making but never actually got around to.

For my one dedicated critic, yes, you may now comment to your heart's desire. So can the rest of you, if you care to. SierraDescents has officially gone 2.0, with RSS and all those other goodies. Whatever they are. Get jiggy with it, as they say.

I'm also going back in time and digging up all the old SierraDescents posts from the past two years that have been languishing in the ether of my hard drive. Want to know what I was up to in July 2006? Now it's just a click away...though, seriously, is anyone really curious about that?

So, enough with the introductions. Here's to a New Year of blogging, and hopefully a big year of climbing and skiing! Let's get started...

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents