December 11, 2008



I've been contending with back pain for much of 2008, beginning with a severe cold last January that had me coughing and sneezing violently for about two weeks, which seemed to injure my back. Following that, I re-injured my back skiing about two months later. Throughout the year, my ability to rest and heal was limited, as I was constantly chasing my two-year-old.

This November, things took a turn for the worse, so I figured it was time to see a doctor. I was expecting to hear I'd strained some muscle and needed to do some exercises and rest a bit. Instead, I found out I've got a herniated disk.

The good news is that surgery is not likely to be necessary. The bulge is mild to moderate, and with a course of medication and PT, may shrink back into place over time, leaving me (ideally) good as new.I suppose I could think of this as a setback, but actually I think it's kind of an opportunity: I can write about my back, and my rehab, sharing information to create a real-time, online resource for those of you who struggle with your own low back pain.

Each week, I'll talk about medications and doctor visits. I'll write about the newest research on spine injuries, and I'll document my progress, step by step. I'll do regular blog posts on the specific exercises and stretches I'm supposed to be doing. In fact, I'll even create an image library showing photos of my PT exercises so you can try them at home, yourself. I know—I'll hire sexy models and photograph them wearing Danskin T-back leotards as they demonstrate the exercises!

It'll be fricking fantastic!!

Ah...who am I kidding? I'm pretty bummed about this. Stay tuned...

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