November 5, 2008

Yes We Can

What an extraordinary moment in our nation's history. I have never felt so proud to be an American. I am proud that so many Americans chose to exercise their right to vote—many of them first-time voters (and many of those young voters).

I am proud that our country has once again affirmed to itself and to the world that we are a people of unlimited potential and possibility. And I am proud beyond words to have lived to see our Nation's first African American President. I am touched by Eugene Robinson's emotional words last night, as the results came in: for the first time in our Nation's history, all fathers can say to their sons, "You too can be President someday."

Those words are now true. There will be many challenges ahead. The problems we face are real and complex. But today, at least, our burdens seem lighter, our national spirit stronger, our future brighter. We have turned the page, and the next chapter remains to be written.

Andy Lewicky

ANDY LEWICKY is a Los Angeles-based writer and photographer who enjoys good books, jasmine tea, long walks in the rain, and climbing and skiing the big peaks of the California Sierra. email | follow

  1. michael says:

    Well spoken Andrew. John Muir told us to do something to “make the mountains glad.”) I think our wilderness as well as the whole world can breath a lot easier with president Obama in office.

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