Privacy Policy & Terms of Service is an independent blog/website owned and operated by Andy Lewicky, a California-based skier, photographer, and writer. SierraDescents collects and stores information about its visitors as part of the ordinary and necessary operations of running and maintaining a website.

Such data collected includes but is not limited to server logs, email addresses (when a visitor writes us or chooses to post a comment), and broad demographic data (for example, what percentage of the site's visitors are male, versus female, or from which country they are visting). Email addresses are kept private, to the best of our ability.

SierraDescents uses Google Analytics to collect, aggregate, and organize website usage data. We also use Google AdSense, Avantlink, and the Amazon affiliate program to serve ads to visitors. SierraDescents does not otherwise share the data it collects.

If your personally-identifying data appears on SierraDescents (for example, within a photograph or comment post), you may request we edit or delete it by contacting us. Your data is otherwise aggregated by third-party services we have no control over. If you do not consent to such collection and aggregation activities, please do not visit or use this site.

Updated May 24, 2018