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A Night at High Camp

As the sun begins its journey beyond the horizon, shadows lengthen, and the wind picks up. I wander about camp, taking pictures and sipping tea.

Such quiet moments are priceless to me: when there is nothing to do but wander about, find a fine rock to sit upon, and bask in Nature's serene majesty. There is also the anticipation of tomorrow, and the skiing that lies ahead.

Dusk, Mountain, & Jet Contrail

Time passes slowly.

I set a pot of water on the stove, ready for another cup of tea.

A jet streaks overhead. The wind grows stronger. It's going to be a breezy night.

One by one, the surrounding peaks go dark, until the sun's color remains on only one small spire. As I watch, sipping hot tea, the peak's color intensifies, glowing orange, then red, and then it's gone, and the day settles into night.

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