October 10, 2009

Winter Yearbook (2008-2009)

Oh no it's a slide show! While waiting for the new ski season to start up, I've put together a recap of last winter's highlights. Last year wasn't the big winter I was hoping for in terms of snowfall, but it did offer an unexpected bounty of unforgettable moments, including that trip up Mount Harwood's Northeast Ridge, with its challenging ski conditions, sublime powder skiing on Mount San Jacinto, and of course the big finale of the season, Eastern Sierra fourteener Mount Tyndall in a day.

  1. Jonthan Lemkin says:

    Impressive on all counts.

  2. Bill says:

    Hard to believe that the entire extent of my 08/09 skiing days is captured in the first 4 minutes. We need to get out more together this year.

  3. Dan Conger says:

    Cool slideshow! Mammoth’s open to the top as of now. Can’t wait until decent conditions develop, but that will have to wait at least a month. Would love to head out on a trip with you sometime.

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