March 1, 2010

Telluride: Top To Bottom

I'd been thinking about getting this shot ever since I first bought my Contour helmet cam: a continous clip skiing Telluride from the top of the Revelation chairlift, elevation 12,570', all the way down to the Gondola station in the Town of Telluride, elevation 8,750'. Getting the shot proved trickier than expected, thanks to the weather and the many quirks of the Contour, but I love the result.

This is probably my favorite in-bounds ski run on the planet. Sure, there's a bit of catwalk travel on the upper parts of See Forever until you pass Chair 9, but the flat sections just contribute to the run's appeal, as they allow you to better enjoy the views of the spectacular San Juan mountains. And there are plenty of steep, groomed sections to let the boards run—culminating in the warp-speed fun of Milk Run or Coonskin. Finally, if I'm skiing this run, it means I'm in Telluride, which is always a good thing. 3800 vertical feet in a relaxing nine minutes. Enjoy!

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