May 2, 2010

San Gorgonio Mountain

I'm going to have to make the drive out to the San Bernardino Mountains more often! Al and I skied San Gorgonio Mountain yesterday, and aside from a little wind up top, we were treated to a positively gorgeous day of Southern California backcountry skiing. In terms of snow quality, this was probably one of the best days I've had in the local mountains. The summit ridge was predictably bulletproof, but things softened nicely as we descended, and the lower gullies were nothing less than perfection. A long day, but definitely worth it.

We hiked in from the South Fork Trailhead on Highway 38, and ultimately ascended and descended San Gorgonio from the summit via the north/northwest face. I should also mention that we crossed the path of a recent (2 months ago?) large, destructive avalanche, which knocked down a huge swath of trees along the South Fork trail in an area where few people would have assumed there was any risk. Makes me glad I'm a Spring mountaineer. Enjoy the video!

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