Chasing My Brother

Really there's no better motivator than having a little brother who's faster than you in the gates. I spent damn near my entire young adulthood chasing him, and, looks like I'm still trying to catch him. :) Hard to say who'd be faster if we jumped into a course today, though I do like my chances on my Speed Course Ti's. Once again this is Telluride, CO, test footage from the HD Hero2.

At this point I think I've got enough information to put together a review, but let me quickly say that I think the GoPro system is a clear winner versus Contour's. A lot of that has to do with the superior mount options that GoPro offers, but I'm also seeing very pleasing color rendition from the Hero2, and good definition in the highlights—two areas where the Contour 1080P really struggles.

Review coming later. Possibly much later. I've still got a lot more chasing—I mean testing—to do. (also, in case it's not obvious: I wouldn't be half the skier I am today if my brother hadn't been such a terror on the race course).

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents