March 19, 2012

The Deep Report

I am standing in my kitchen watching raw footage from yesterday when I spontaneously break out into a wild, crazy jig. What am I doing, my son asks? The Powder Dance, I say. One of the great miracles of our proximity to the Pacific is the way one single storm can transform bare mountains into white winter wonderlands. Throughout the Southland, our season has gone from non-existent to well above-average coverage overnight.

I mean, there was snow on I-10 in Beaumont! That's 2500 feet above Sea Level, 35 miles from Palm Springs. On Secret Hidden Peak, Trevor and I found snow so deep it was hard to move—even headed downhill. Luckily, we got things figured out and had one of those mind-blowing days that stays with you forever. And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some more dancing to do...

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About SierraDescents

When there is snow, SierraDescents is Andy Lewicky's California backcountry skiing and mountaineering website. Without snow, sierradescents becomes an ill-tempered hiking and climbing blog.

Pray for snow.