Leavitt Peak Groove

I had so much fun a week ago Skiing Conness' Y-Couloir I decided Y not do another? And so Trevor Benedict and I headed all the way north to Sonora Pass to ski Leavitt Peak's Y-Couloir. I have to say, the Sonora Pass area completely exceeded my expectations. The skiable terrain in the area is diverse, abundant, and outstanding—and ridiculously easy to access now that Highway 108 is open.

As for the skiing, those of you who ski with me know I'm kind of obsessed with steep technique. If you want a mini-clinic on how it's done, take a look at Trevor's handiwork on the 50° headwall of the Y-Couloir. This is as good as classic steep skiing gets: flawless upper body position, tight, surgical edgework, perfect balance and form. Am I a little bit jealous? Hell yes! But it's inspiration for me to keep working on my own technique. So Trevor beware—we'll be doing more of this soon...

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents