A Telluride Storm

I love the sight of snow falling. On the last night of our Telluride trip this year, it unexpectedly started snowing heavily—big, fat, wonderful flakes dropping out of the sky. I figured it was just a squall since the forecast called for clearing. But it kept snowing. So after an hour or so I grabbed my RX100 and went for a walk outside, thinking I'd try to capture some shots around town before the storm quit.

Only the storm didn't quit. It dumped all night, and then like fog evaporating the storm clouds vanished as the sun came up. I stuck my camera in my pocket and raced to the gondola to get in line. The camera probably didn't come out as much as it should have that day, but in the shots I did get it seems almost as if the snow itself was alive.

It's funny: rainy days get dreary and depressing for me very quickly, but turn rain to snow and everything changes. When I watch these shots, even here in my sea-level apartment, I can feel the snow beneath my feet, feel it billowing up around me in great glittering clouds. My heart quickens; my hands grasp imaginary ski poles. I think I'm ready for another run. How about you?

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents