Cirque Peak Panorama

I wanted an easy peak, but easy in the right way—and hard in the right way, too. In that regard, Cirque Peak, in the John Muir Wilderness just south of Mount Langely and New Army Pass, worked out to be just about perfect. Cirque was easy in the sense there was no dangerous climbing, and no routefinding worries, either.

I went up Cirque's north-northeast rib, which probably doesn't quite qualify as a real route. But it was fun class 2 with great views all the way up, and the summit view of Langley/Whitney is just outstanding. Descent via New Army Pass proved to be slow and circuitous, but I say always loop when you can, and damn the consequences.

Cirque may have been mellow, but it involved a hefty total mileage at relatively high altitude, giving me a good workout and a good sense of where I am right now, mentally and physically. Yes, I got lost on the way back, which is a good indication of how distracted I am right now, but my body held together, which is promising for bigger aspirations to come...

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents