Revelation Bowl

Well I'm still thinking about skiing... Here's something from 2012: Revelation Bowl, in Telluride, Colorado. What's interesting is it looks like the video was shot in black and white, and selectively colorized. But this is just a trick of the light and landscape. I also love the way the frame is dominated by the terrain's bold diagonals, and that glint of sunlight on the ridge below.

This was one of those drop-the-rope days, where the key was to try to time things as ski patrol sequentially opened up the mountain. We were somewhere around the Gold Hill lift when we got the word Revelation was opening. We headed over as fast as possible but got there a hair late. Even so, the bowl was fat with powder, making for a fine afternoon of classic Telluride post-storm skiing.

— June 2, 2014

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents