The Five-Minute Avalanche Challenge

The San Juan Backcountry

For a while I've wanted to try to explain everything I think you need to know about avalanches in five minutes or less. Not "everything there is to know" (which would be (more)

Mouse Trap

Parker Brothers Mouse Trap Game

When an accident happens, what does it mean? Or, to put it another way, what does it reveal? After reading this post, you will be able to answer that question—at least, as (more)

On Not Dying

Aplenglow on Mount Mallory, California

What I find particularly abhorrent is when people get themselves killed in the backcountry with little to no awareness they were in imminent danger. If you're standing atop a (more)

Steven Bradshaw Sends Yahoo Predator

Steven Bradshaw Sends Yahoo Predator

My daughter has recently taken an interest in sport climbing, and thus so have I. Coincidentally, my friend Preston is also a climber, and he invited us to watch his friend (more)


sunset over Face Canyon, Lake Powell

In June 2020 SierraDescents went dark and so did I. And, in many ways, I'm still coming to terms with that. I'm not the person I was before the pandemic started. I knew, even (more)

Basecamp Sleeping Pad Roundup

Basecamp Pad review roundup

A good basecamp pad is built to prioritize warmth and comfort, with packed size and weight a secondary consideration (if at all). Basecamp pads are great for car camping in (more)

Baxter Treasure Hunt

Baxter Treasure Hunt

What is the quintessential Eastern Sierra adventure? It's probably going to be hard. Harder than expected, for sure—even if you were expecting it to be hard. And it's (more)

California: Not Completely Awful

Point Magu, Southern California

Every now and then I find myself thinking California is not completely terrible, and yesterday, as I was biking the Overlook Trail above Point Mugu, that odd feeling once again (more)

Fitness for Old Guys

Andy Lewicky and the Bright Angel Trail

Here today we have a custom post on demand for SierraDescents lurker Tom, who describes himself as an old guy, and for some strange reason was wondering if I had any fitness tips (more)

Grand Canyon: Hermit & Granite Falls

Grand Canyon: Hermit & Granite Falls

Thanks to the big 2022-2023 winter, the Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam has been running around 20,000 cfs this year, making for some very energetic waves in the rapids (more)


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