November Snow

Los Angeles Basin and Snowy San Gabriel Mountains

Thanks to a very intense November storm, I am happy to report we have snowy mountains on our horizon. Portions of the San Gabriels saw some six to eight inches of water last (more)

My 2022-2023 Ski Gear

Northern Arizona's Humphreys Peak, from atop Fremont Peak

Toward the end of last winter I switched to a new backcountry rig, going from my Dynastar Mythics with Dynafit bindings to Blizzard's Zero G 95 with ATK's Raider 12's. The (more)

The Mountain Took My Phone, My Car, & My Tooth

Matt Dixon hiking San Antonio Ridge, California

Mountains demand sacrifices—we all know that. So when I accidentally left my phone atop Mount Baldy's west summit, I thought: Fine. Better than blood. My friend Matt (more)

Biking the Santa Monicas

Atop Parker Mesa in the Santa Monica Mountains

SoCal skiers please do not take this as yet another sign of the coming apocalypse, but I have in fact purchased a mountain bike and I am greatly enjoying it. I suppose I could (more)

Skiing the Kuna Crest

The Kuna Crest, in the Eastern Sierra, from Highway 120/Tioga Pass

After having loads of fun skiing Mammoth Mountain's closing day in the rain, I drove up Tioga Pass, wanting to see if any promising hike-and-ski opportunities remained. The (more)

The Division Creek Drainage

Division Creek drainage, California Sierra

I wanted to see if I could reach the snow. In the eastern Sierra there is a tradition of long, heroic epics in which skiers carry skis up desperately remote drainages in hopes of (more)

Kratka Ridge

Kratka Ridge

Here is the base of lost SoCal ski area Kratka Ridge (a.k.a. Snowcrest) as seen yesterday off Highway 2 in the San Gabriel Mountains. Yes, there is still a bit of snow up there, (more)

Prospect Express With and Without Storm

Prospect Express With and Without Storm

Telluride's Prospect Express was installed in 2001, adding a quick 5-minute, thousand-vertical-foot ride that somehow manages to be both sublime and transformative. The lift (more)

2022 WWSRA Ski Reviews

Cornice Bowl - Mammoth Mountain, California

After the forced hiatus of last year, I very happily attended the 2022 WWSRA on-snow demo at Mammoth Mountain this past week, testing skis in the All Mountain and Touring (more)



10,294-foot Grinnell Mountain lies in the San Bernardino Mountains toward the northeast corner of the San Gorgonio Wilderness. I've had my eye on Grinnell for a long (more)


About SierraDescents

When there is snow, SierraDescents is Andy Lewicky's California backcountry skiing and mountaineering website. Without snow, sierradescents becomes an ill-tempered hiking and climbing blog.

Pray for snow.