Snowbowl Gets A Lift

Snowbowl Gets A Lift

A new chairlift, that is. I would tell you its name, but the Snowbowl's website is currently down, so the new lift will have to remain at least temporarily nameless.

Nameless lift, like the addition of snowmaking before it, represents a victory (?) in what must be one of the most convoluted and prolonged development disputes in the history of skiing. I won't even begin to try to summarize; let's just all groan and shake our heads.

The lift adds unfortunately no new terrain to the area, but it does add a new way to access existing runs, which, in all fairness, will be of some benefit to strong beginners and intermediate skiers.

For the rest of us, the lift is kind of...oddly-placed.

But that's part of the saga and perhaps charm of the Snowbowl. Heck, arguably the whole shebang should never have been built southeast of Hart Prairie in the first place. Rather, Snowbowl should have been founded at least one drainage north, where there be loads of good terrain at far more favorable aspects.

Of course, getting rid of Ridge and Bowl would be like deleting family. Dysfunctional family, to be sure (I fear no design awards shall be forthcoming), but family nonetheless. So good for you new chairlift, whatever your name is!

— January 2, 2016

Andy Lewicky is the author and creator of SierraDescents

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