‘Ski Tours in Southern California’

— Daniel E. Anderson

Daniel E. Anderson's Ski Tours in Southern California is out of print and thus hard-to-find, but the book is filled with an impressive list of ski tours in Southern California, proper.

Anderson does not cover the Sierra, but no matter—as many of us know, Southern California offers a treasure-trove of major ranges, many of which are skiable in winter.

Ski Tours in Southern California - Daniel E. Anderson

Ski Tours in Southern California

Here, as well, is yet more proof of just how deep the history of Southern California skiing actually is. 'Ski touring' gives us a rich look at the history of skiing in California, including evidence of miners skiing here in the 1870's!

If you can get a copy, 'Ski Touring' offers quite comprehensive coverage of the touring opportunities around and about the Los Angeles basin, though be advised most of these are aimed at a telemark audience.

Recommended, if you can find a copy at reasonable prices. The history alone makes this book a classic—and Anderson may surprise you with a route or two, even if you're already well familiar with the area.

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