— Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson's 'Stretching' was first published back in 1980, when few people associated flexibility with fitness. Today, top Athletes understand flexibility is every bit as important as strength and endurance. It's a shame, then, to see so many people in the gym engaging in wildly inappropriate stretching that will almost surely lead to injury.

Stretching - Bob Anderson

Stretching — Bob Anderson

Stretching is an excellent reference for any athlete's bookshelf. Limber joins and muscles recover more quickly after strenuous activity, are less likely to be injured in an accident, and heal faster when you do get hurt.

And if you happen to find yourself getting older, you'll notice that simply maintaining your flexibility can be quite a task.

Anderson's book is easy to use, with clearly illustrated stretches—hundreds of them—that gently, creatively, effectively help you improve your flexibility.

Perhaps the most overriding benefit of good flexibility, however, is related to the improvements you'll see in your lower back.

If you frequently suffer from back pain, this book can literally set you free. Bob Anderson makes a special point of educating the reader in the art of stretching properly. Poor stretching technique is worse than not stretching at all; you'll simply injure yourself, or give up due to lack of results. As backcountry skiers, we're engaged in a very physically demanding sport. Don't neglect your flexibility when it comes to your training regimen.

Give 'Stretching' a try. Your body will thank you.

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