January 24, 2007 Gear

Do-It-Yourself Splitboard?

Lack of Snow driving you crazy? Have a Snowboard? Here’s a wild way to kill some time: build your own splitboard. This month’s Backcountry.com Newsletter has an article on creating your own Splitboard from scratch. That’s right—you get to take your old beater Snowboard, saw it in half and (hopefully) end up with a fully-functioning (more...)...

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January 12, 2007 Current Conditions

Sierra Winter?

As we continue to hear reports of more snow in Colorado, prospects on the home front remain kind of…well…dismal. Over at the ESAC, Sue Burak’s avy forecast for the day notes, “There is more hazard from hitting rocks than starting an avalanche.” On top of that, a bitter cold snap is settling over the range, (more...)...

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