June 30, 2007

Mount Whitney — the Mountaineer’s Route

Mount Whitney — the Mountaineer’s Route

If you are considering climbing the Mountaineer’s Route, I heartily recommend it. The route is spectacular. Be aware, however, that hiking conditions are currently unusually favorable on the mountain. Under more normal circumstances, the Mountaineer’s Route can well be a technical endeavor requiring ice axe and crampons, and the skills to use both safely (more…)

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June 14, 2007

The Big Thaw

National Geographic Magazine has posted their latest cover story online: The Big Thaw, on the Earth’s vanishing icepack. That the world’s glaciers and permanent snowfields are melting is certainly not news. What is surprising is how fast the ice is melting.

The loss of polar ice and glaciation has been predicted for years. But scientists are now finding themselves astonished by the rate of melt. Says Eric Rignot, at NASA’s JPL, “We see things today that five years ago would have seemed completely impossible, extravagant, exaggerated.”

National Geographic’s article offers an alarming explanation of the discrepancy (hint: are you familiar with the ‘Tipping Point’ theory?). If you are interested in that vast, uncontrolled human experiment known as Global Warming, I recommend reading the entire article.

It is a preview, I fear, of many more surprises to come.

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June 9, 2007

Summer Calls…

With Shasta’s conditions looking mediocre at best, I think I’m ready to call it a season and switch to hiking mode. Putting the skis away for a few months gives me a chance to rest the body and do a little work on the site. After a long hiatus, I’ve begun updating my book review section.

Most of the books I cover are favorites of mine. If you’re looking for something interesting to read this summer, give ‘em a look. I’ll also be expanding my listings of hiking and climbing books. If you know of anything essential that I’ve missed, please send an email with the title and author, and I’ll try to track down a copy.

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