August 23, 2008 PCT Hike as seen by Spot Gear

PCT Hike as seen by Spot

We’re back from the Pacific Crest Trail, having successfully hiked from Onion Valley to the Cottonwood Pass trailhead at Horseshoe Meadows—roughly 60 miles through the hidden interior of the Sierra Nevada. I’ve got a TON of stuff to post on this hike, including hundreds of photos, a gaggle of new gear reviews, and many, many (more...)...

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August 14, 2008 News – Advice from the Hip

Andrew McLean has a new blog online:, filled with an abundance of McLean’s ski mountaineering tips and techniques. As content goes, Straightchuter is lean and focused: you get tips and gear and more gear from McLean (more...)...

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August 9, 2008 Film & Television

Beijing Olympic Debut: Stunning, Terrifying

Could any other city in the world have staged an Olympics opening ceremony to match the scale and spectacle of Beijing’s debut Friday? I doubt it. My jaw kept dropping as I watched what will surely be remembered as one of the most awe-inspiring opening ceremonies in Olympics history (more...)...

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August 7, 2008 Dept. of Propaganda: BPA News

Dept. of Propaganda: BPA

Perhaps by now you’ve heard the radio spot on KFI AM 640: A concerned female voice warns consumers: ‘Soon, many common everyday products could disappear from grocery store shelves all across California’. What’s the threat, you ask? Those dastardly Sacramento Politicians are trying to ban BPA—a chemical that has been safely used for 50 years (more...)...

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August 5, 2008 News

LA Climber Among K2 Survivors

On August 1, 2008, Hermosa Beach climber Nicholas Rice awoke after a freezing night at Camp IV and made his way to just below the “Bottleneck”. Rice, 23, was attempting to climb K2, the world’s second-highest mountain, widely considered one of the world’s most difficult summit (and one of the most deadly) (more...)...

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