December 13, 2011 Canon XF100 Gear

Canon XF100

I understand that Canon’s XF100 is currently one of the very hottest items in the compact professional camcorder market, and I understand why. But to my eye, the XF100 is compromised by the inescapable limitations of its sensor, and that compromise overshadows the XF100’s otherwise-outstanding features. What’s good about the Canon XF100? Well, it’s hard (more...)...

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August 24, 2011 Canon XA10 Gear

Canon XA10

I am revising my opinion of Canon’s XA10 professional HD camcorder—upward. Interestingly enough, I’ve revisited test footage of the XA10 as part of a comparison with a newer camcorder, and…I have to say I like the XA10’s footage a lot better. Why the change of heart? In part, it’s because I initially mis-processed XA10 footage (more...)...

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