May 30, 2006 News

Lincoln Hall Survives Everest

It has become another ‘bad’ season on Everest—fifteen climbers dead so far, including skier Tomas Olsson, who was skiing the mountain’s north face. And then this: following a successful summit bid, climber Lincoln Hall collapsed around 8800 meters, struck by cerebral edema, one of the deadliest of the many high-altitude disorders. Sherpas tried for nine (more...)...

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May 15, 2006 Skiing Williamson Skiing

Skiing Williamson’s Bairs Creek Cirque

Well, I’ve tried my best to explain what climbing Williamson was like. This was an especially difficult Trip Report to write, because I had so much to say, and because so little of it had anything to do with skiing. Exactly one week later, I’m still having trouble shaking off the effects of the climb. (more...)...

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May 7, 2006 Musings

Mountaineering Terms

Did you know has a glossary? Neither did I. Okay, I may have forgotten. I started a glossary in the Basecamp section when I first began working on this site, though my attention soon turned elsewhere. I mention this because the #1 Google search referral to this site is for “mountaineering terms.” Not Backcountry (more...)...

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