March 20, 2007 Skiing Abineau Canyon—Sort of Skiing

Skiing Abineau Canyon—Sort of

We’re in Northern Arizona right now, seeking snow and surgery. With regard to the surgery, we got great news. As for the snow…I decided I was going to hike up the San Francisco Peaks and ski whatever snow I could find—link patch to patch, if I had to. Abineau Canyon, on the northeast side of (more...)...

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March 8, 2007 Mount Baldy Report: Bleak Current Conditions

Mount Baldy Report: Bleak

I’ve been suspecting (or maybe hoping is the better word) there’s more snow in the local mountains than reported. The only way to get good intel, I know, is to put boots on the ground, so I drove up to Mount Baldy to hit the ski area and scout out the backcountry possibilities. Ouch! God (more...)...

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January 12, 2007 Sierra Winter? Current Conditions

Sierra Winter?

As we continue to hear reports of more snow in Colorado, prospects on the home front remain kind of…well…dismal. Over at ESAC, Sue Burak’s avy forecast for the day notes, “There is more hazard from hitting rocks than starting an avalanche.” On top of that, a bitter cold snap is settling over the range, promising (more...)...

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