November 29, 2010 Powderwhore Productions Film & Television

Powderwhore Productions’ Television

Okay, I admit it: the prospect of spending an hour watching a crew of Telemarkers dropping their knees did not exactly fill my heart with glee. Skiing is a big tent, I understand, with plenty of room for people doing things any which way they choose, but as I inserted Television into my DVD player (more...)...

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November 22, 2010 Current Conditions


Mammoth reports 3-7 feet of snow, with nearly 2′ of new snow in the past 24 hours. Locally, the last few storms have opened up Mountain High and Snow Summit, though on pretty minimal bases. I’m off for the holiday, so have a Happy Thanksgiving, and get out there and find some snow… (more...)...

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November 21, 2010 The Eagle (and the UFC) Have Landed Musings

The Eagle (and the UFC) Have Landed

There are a number of conversations I’m dreading having with my son. One of them is in the process of just beginning, courtesy of the UFC commercials which inconveniently appear on television during some of the shows my son watches. In my son’s conception of the world, you see, grown men don’t hit each other (more...)...

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November 17, 2010 The South Fork Slide, Revisited Skiing

The South Fork Slide, Revisited

Sometime during the ’09-10 winter, a large avalanche took place along the NE side of Alto-Diablo Peak, wiping out a portion of the South Fork Trail somewhere slightly southeast of Poopout Hill. When my partner and I saw the remains of the slide that April, toward the end of the season, it was obvious it (more...)...

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November 15, 2010 The Video

The ‘Couloir to Nowhere’ DVD is Here!

It’s here at last: the Couloir to Nowhere DVD is now available, just in time for the holiday season! SierraDescents’ first-ever short film tells the story of our ski descent of Iron Mountain, deep in the heart of the San Gabriel Mountains. When I first took a photo of Iron’s north face, from atop Baden-Powell (more...)...

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November 13, 2010 Gear

Take Mom to Surefoot

I haven’t written much on the subject, but the truth is I rue the day the thermofit liner was invented. For one thing, the thermofit liner and subsequent thermofitting process transfers the responsibility of boot fit from manufacturers to retail shops, which is certainly good business for the shops, but which in practice means there (more...)...

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November 6, 2010 Skiing

Bon Voyage, Dan!

My friend Dan is going skiing on Monday…for a year. After a brief tour of several U.S. ranges, he and his wife will leave for the Himalaya, with plans to summer in the Andes after that. Aside from the overwhelming jealousy I feel watching them go, I’m also so stoked that they’ve managed to turn (more...)...

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November 3, 2010 Health

BPA Receipts

Here’s another way that most ubiquitous of not-so-friendly chemicals, BPA, can end up in your body: via store receipts. Turns out that the thermal papers used to print most receipts are heavily infused with the chemical (up to 2% by weight, apparently). Tests have revealed that the BPA easily rubs off on your fingers as (more...)...

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