July 1, 2015 What I Musings

What I’m Doing (And Not Doing)

Here’s sunset on Coronado Island, just off San Diego. Having spent the past weekend wandering about, I have the say the place is very impressive—almost as nice as Santa Monica (more...)...

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June 13, 2015 Surviving the Gloom Current Conditions

Surviving the Gloom

Among the many challenges residents of Southern California face, perhaps none is so dire as the loss of the very thing that defines our existence. I am speaking, of course, of the sun, and that dreaded time of year known as the June Gloom (more...)...

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June 9, 2015 The BPA Saga Continues... Health

The BPA Saga Continues…

With something somewhere between disgust and resignation, I must report to you that BPA, the ambiguously-toxic (or is it safe?) wonder chemical found throughout our plastics and thus our bodies, is once again back in the news (more...)...

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June 6, 2015 2005: Origins Musings

2005: Origins

SierraDescents officially started in November 2005 (when the first post appeared), but I tend to think the site began during the 2004-2005 winter (more...)...

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May 26, 2015 The Winter Wrap: 2015 Current Conditions

The Winter Wrap: 2015

What happened? I think I can safely speak on behalf of most Californians when I say 2014-2015 was not the winter we were hoping for (more...)...

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May 8, 2015 Say No To Summer Alert! Current Conditions

Say No To Summer Alert!

On the strength of an out-of-nowhere May storm that has dropped 12-18″ of fresh snow and is still going, Mammoth Mountain has cancelled their planned closure this weekend (more...)...

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May 5, 2015 Steep Skiing: Uphill Ski Strategies Part II Tips & Technique

Steep Skiing: Uphill Ski Strategies Part II

The downhill ski works. You do the move, and it’s practically universal: hard snow, soft snow, low angle, high angle, damn the consequences, it works (more...)...

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May 2, 2015 Mammoth in May Current Conditions

Mammoth in May

Here was my thought: what if I could pretend I was skiing in August, instead of May? Today’s conditions would be pretty spectacular, I reasoned, if we were skiing in August (more...)...

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April 29, 2015 News

Mobilization In Progress…

Just a very quick note here to let you know I’m in the process of updating SierraDescents to be more accessible on mobile devices–ie, your smartphone (more...)...

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April 5, 2015 Mammoth April Fools Video

Mammoth April Fools

That popping sound you hear is the sound of loose rocks pinging off the tips of my skis. Attentive viewers will notice the sound is nearly continuous (more...)...

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