March 31, 2008 ‘Battlestar’ Returns Film & Television

‘Battlestar’ Returns

It’s no secret I’m crazy for SciFi’s Battlestar Galactica series. Battlestar is easily the best show currently on television, and I’d be hard pressed to name anything from the past that even remotely compares. Way back in the day, when ABC first released the original Battlestar in 1978, the show was widely derided as an (more...)...

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March 29, 2008 Current Conditions

Whitney Portal Road: ‘Closed’ vs. Closed

Well, I drove up to Lone Pine yesterday with big plans for some climbing and skiing in the Whitney Portal region, only to discover the road, which is normally “closed” for winter had been Closed (more...)...

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March 27, 2008 Skiing

Death Valley to Telescope Peak

Allow me to say I’m just green with envy on this one—a group of skiers (or perhaps more accurately, madmen) hiked from Badwater Basin, Death Valley, elevation -282, to the summit of Telescope Peak, 11,049, some 20 miles of rough country away, skied the peak, and hiked back down. My favorite part of the Trip (more...)...

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March 23, 2008 Skiing

Mt. Baldy – North Face

AFTER SCOUTING Mt. Baldy’s north face from Mount Waterman, I thought I’d hike up for a ski attempt this weekend. There was no question there would be snow—lots of it. But I was a little concerned about ice. This has been a strange season for north aspects in the San Gabriels. Things have been persistently (more...)...

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March 20, 2008 Current Conditions

Route 2 – Mt. Waterman Report

BUT IS THERE SNOW? That’s certainly the question that was on my mind, so I packed up the skis and the boy and hit the road. Figuring I’d try to find snow a little closer to home, I drove up Route 2 from La Canada. I’ll tell you, things looked pretty bleak at first. When (more...)...

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March 18, 2008 Books

8000m Crime

The Alpinist’s web site is running an excerpt from High Crimes: the Fate of Everest in an Age of Greed by Michael Kodas. High Crimes documents the shocking but very real emergence of theft as yet another deadly threat climbers must face on 8000 meter peaks. You’ve probably heard about the ‘borrowing’ of oxygen bottles (more...)...

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March 15, 2008 Skiing Palmyra Peak Skiing

Skiing Palmyra Peak

I am standing on Palmyra Peak’s summit ridge with two Telluride ski patrollers, and they seem every bit as amazed as I am to be here. From our perch at 13,150 feet, we can see deep into the vast high-altitude cirques and spines of the Telluride backcountry—Lena Basin, San Joaquin Ridge, Bear Creek Canyon. But (more...)...

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March 13, 2008 Climbing

Dean Potter ‘Baselining’ Video

“Instead of Dying, I’m Flying.” — Dean Potter, Moab, Utah climber and Baseliner, in the New York Times. Oddly enough, this does not seem that appealing to me… (more...)...

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March 12, 2008 Mountain High Avalanches - Incident Report News

Mountain High Avalanches – Incident Report

This morning, I spoke with Jeff Pierce, who was the Site Commander for two of the three avalanches that took place in the vicinity of Mountain High ski area on 25 January 2008 in the San Gabriel Mountains. Jeff was also kind enough to share photos of the scene (more...)...

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March 7, 2008 Interview: Amber Seyler - ‘A Dozen More Turns’ Film & Television

Interview: Amber Seyler – ‘A Dozen More Turns’

A Dozen More Turns is one of those rare films that gets under your skin. I admit to being an expert when it comes to finding ways to avoid thinking about consequences (Andrew McLean calls this “creative rationalization”), but ADMT (more...)...

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