April 27, 2008 Birch Mountain Marathon Skiing

Birch Mountain Marathon

Saturday I skied Birch Mountain with a group of skiers from the Angeles Sierra Club’s ski mountaineer’s section. I don’t get the opportunity to ski in groups that often, thanks to my schedule and reclusive personality, but I do enjoy it, and it makes for fantastic photo ops. The dynamic is also completely different when (more...)...

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April 22, 2008 Update: Quantum Love Affair Continues Gear

Update: Quantum Love Affair Continues

Just made a few quick edits to my Black Diamond Quantum review. I’ve now had the pleasure of using both 45 and 55-liter versions of the Quantum. I like the extra volume of the 55, because it makes it easier to sneak your ski boots into the pack for those oh-so-brutal dry Eastern Sierra approaches. (more...)...

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April 21, 2008 Williamson: Notes from the Field Skiing

Williamson: Notes from the Field

Today’s Notes from the Field come courtesy of my friend Bill, whose adventures on Mount Williamson served as an early inspiration to me on my own quest to ski California’s second-highest peak. Bill has a thing for the George Creek approach, which appears here and there in the guidebooks, usually with a sly ‘recommendation’ ala (more...)...

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April 21, 2008 Nalgene Phases Out Lexan Gear

Nalgene Phases Out Lexan

Nalgene has just announced the phase-out of BPA-containing bottles from its product lineup, including all polycarbonate (Lexan) water bottles. Any way you put it, this is a stunning reversal from a company that has been an unwaivering advocate for the safety of Lexan/Polycarbonate. (for interesting commentary on the subject, see Z Recommends’ article, Hell Just (more...)...

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April 15, 2008 Tandem Skiing Skiing

Tandem Skiing

Flagstaff had a great ski season this year, though, like California, the traditionally-big March ended up high and dry. Still, there’s enough snow to ski on the mountain right now, so what better way to warm up the legs than put a 25 pound bundle of joy on your back, skin up the local ski (more...)...

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April 10, 2008 Skiing

Lone Pine Peak – East Couloir

Sometimes as a writer you just don’t know how much information to give. It would be easy to present this as a dashing adventure in which I fearlessly charged into the unknown and triumphed, except that’s not at all what it was like. This was an intense struggle that really made me question myself and (more...)...

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