June 22, 2010 Williamson Blues Hiking

Williamson Blues

This past weekend I and two friends made a go at Williamson via the big-big West Face/Shepherd Pass route. We made it as far as Anvil camp, but had to turn back the following day when AMS took out one of my companions overnight. While I was disappointed at not getting a shot at the (more...)...

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May 11, 2008 Williamson Still Hard Skiing

Williamson Still Hard

This just in: Climbing Mt. Williamson is still Hard. Really Hard. SierraDescents personally verified this yesterday, with an ascent and ski of the south-facing couloir between Mt. Williamson’s East and West Horns, accessed via the Bairs Creek Cirque. Ironically, I had no intention of trying this route this year, but a friend was interested in (more...)...

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April 21, 2008 Williamson: Notes from the Field Skiing

Williamson: Notes from the Field

Today’s Notes from the Field come courtesy of my friend Bill, whose adventures on Mount Williamson served as an early inspiration to me on my own quest to ski California’s second-highest peak. Bill has a thing for the George Creek approach, which appears here and there in the guidebooks, usually with a sly ‘recommendation’ ala (more...)...

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May 15, 2006 Skiing Williamson Skiing

Skiing Williamson’s Bairs Creek Cirque

Well, I’ve tried my best to explain what climbing Williamson was like. This was an especially difficult Trip Report to write, because I had so much to say, and because so little of it had anything to do with skiing. Exactly one week later, I’m still having trouble shaking off the effects of the climb. (more...)...

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